What happens after we approve your plan?

Once we approve your plan, we’ll talk with you about how you can use your plan. You may have a support coordinator, a specialist support coordinator or a recovery coach funded in your plan. If so, they’ll help you use the funding in your plan to get the NDIS supports you need.

While you’re in custody, in most cases, you’ll be supported through the justice system. You may not need to use the funding in your NDIS plan.

If you have questions about your plan, you can contact us , or ask your support coordinator, specialist support coordinator, recovery coach or local area coordinator.

When will we do a plan reassessment?

We’ll check-in with you during your plan and make sure that we do a reassessment of your plan before the reassessment date. If you’re in custody, we’ll think about the length of your minimum custodial sentence when we set how long your plan will go for.

If you’ve been released from custody, we’ll check-in with you regularly. We’ll also check-in with you if your custodial sentence changes.

We can do a plan reassessment if your support needs change. Sometimes we can change your plan by varying your current plan instead of creating a new plan.

You can also ask us for a plan reassessment if your support needs change. 

Learn more about check-ins and changing your plan. 

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30 June 2022
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