We’ll ask you at your planning conversation who you want to manage your funding.

We must agree to your request, unless: 

  • you already have a plan nominee, who may need to manage your funding or can choose who manages your funding
  • your plan nominee wants to self-manage your funding but that would be an unreasonable risk to you
  • you want to self-manage the funding but you, or your plan nominee or child representative, are bankrupt or insolvent under administration
  • you want to self-manage the funding but that would be an unreasonable risk to you
  • you want a registered plan management provider to manage your funding but that would be an unreasonable risk to you
  • it’s for in-kind supports, or cross-billing payments for younger people in residential aged care.

There are a few other things to remember.

  • We’ll let you know what your plan management options will mean for you.
  • You can also ask your friends, family or service providers for advice.
  • We need to consider any legal orders about your finances, such as court or tribunal orders.
  • If you’re under 18, your child representative can choose how to manage your plan funding.

If you’re not happy with the plan management decision we make, you can ask for a review of our decision.

Learn more about requesting a review of decisions we make  .

What if you have a plan nominee?

If you have a plan nominee, they will choose how to manage your plan funding if it’s part of their nominee arrangement. 

But, if they’re insolvent under administration or present an unreasonable risk, we won’t allow them to manage your plan funding.

When we think about unreasonable risk and your plan nominee, we look at:

  • if they have any business or other interests which might affect how they manage your money
  • whether we believe they will use your NDIS funding according to your plan
  • if any safeguards or strategies in your plan could help reduce any risks to you.

Your plan nominee may also be able to request who manages your plan funding. They can do this if their nominee arrangement allows them to do things on your behalf related to the preparation, review, variation and replacement of your plan.

Your nominee has a duty to work out what you want. They need to make decisions that help your personal and social wellbeing.

Learn more about nominees.

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29 June 2022
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