What does it mean when a registered plan manager manages your funding?

You can choose a registered plan management provider to assist and support you to manage your NDIS funding. They can buy supports on your behalf from the funding you provide them from your plan.

A plan manager can help you:

  • increase your financial and plan management skills
  • pay providers
  • increase your choice of providers
  • get NDIS plan budget reports and help you monitor your budget

If you use a registered plan manager to manage your funding, we’ll always include funding in your plan to cover plan-management costs.

If your funding is managed by a registered plan manager, your providers or plan manager can’t claim more than the 
NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits .

Having a registered plan manager can reduce risks involved with managing funding in your plan. But there can still be risks to you that we need to consider.

You’ll still need to make sure any provider you choose provides supports that are safe and meet your needs. If there are no suitable safeguards or supports available to manage the risk of harm to you, the risk may be unreasonable.

We respect your right to take reasonable risks in having a registered plan manager manage your NDIS funding. We’ll talk to you about what might help reduce any risks with having a plan manager manage your funding.

We’ll agree to a registered plan manager managing your funding unless it would be an unreasonable risk to you. We’ll then decide if supports need to be Agency-managed.

When we think about if there is an unreasonable risk to you, we’ll consider if there is evidence of possible physical, mental, legal, or financial harm to you. We consider unreasonable risk and the strategies available to reduce risk, in the same way for a registered plan manager as we do for self-managing funding.

We also consider whether a provider has delivered supports to you in a way that has caused you physical, mental, legal, or financial harm. Or, if someone might pressure you to do something.
We can help you change your registered plan manager if you need to.

This page current as of
20 October 2023
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