What are your options for managing your funding?

You have three options for how you can manage the funding in your plan

You can also choose a mix of these options. For example, you might like to manage some of the funding yourself, and we’ll manage the rest.

There are different benefits for each plan management option.

Self-management gives you the most flexibility. You can choose any provider and pay them more than the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits .

Using a registered plan manager provides you with support and assistance to manage your funding.

Having your funding Agency-managed means you’ll have less things to do when it comes to managing your funding.

You might want to manage every decision when it comes to your NDIS funding and the supports you receive. Or you may want someone to help you manage some or all of your funding.

Whether your funding is managed by you, us, or a registered plan manager, managing NDIS funding means:  

  • buying the supports in your plan, including paying taxes
  • receiving and managing your NDIS funding, including paying for supports on time
  • keeping track of what you buy with your funding, including keeping receipts and invoices
  • spending your funding according to your plan. 

We’re committed to helping you have more choice and control when it comes to managing your funding, if that’s what you want.

We’ll talk to you about what you want and what suits you when it comes to managing your funding.

We’ll talk more about the different plan management options in the following sections.

Your plan will say who manages your NDIS funding. 

Learn more about ways to manage the funding in your plan .

There are a few other things to remember when you choose who manages your funding:

  • You must use NDIS-registered providers if your funding is Agency-managed. If you self-manage your funding or use a registered plan manager, you can use either NDIS-registered providers or unregistered providers.
  • If your funding is Agency-managed or managed by a registered plan manager, your providers or your plan manager can’t claim more than the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits . If you self-manage your funding, you can pay more than theNDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits , as long as you don’t spend more than the total funding for the support in your plan.
  • If you use a registered plan manager to manage your funding, we’ll always include funding in your plan to cover plan-management costs.
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29 April 2024
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