What happens once you have your plan?

Once we approve your plan, you’ll get a copy within 7 days.  We’ll ask how you’d like to receive your plan.

We usually send it out by mail. You can also find it on the myplace participant portal and my NDIS app as soon as we approve it.

If you have a nominee or child representative, they’ll get a copy too. You can also ask us to share it with other people. We can only share your plan where you ask us to. Learn more about your privacy and information.

Once you have a plan, you can start using it to buy your supports. Your plan officially ‘starts’ on the day we approve it.  Your My NDIS Contact or support coordinator can help you start using your plan.

We can only pay for supports you buy after your plan starts.

Your plan ends when we create a new one, or you leave the NDIS.  Your plan doesn’t expire or stop, even if we haven’t created a new plan by the plan reassessment date. You are never left without funding or supports.

Sometimes we’ll need to suspend your plan. This usually happens when:

  • you’re overseas for more than 6 weeks – there are some situations where we can extend the 6-week period
  • you don’t claim compensation you’re entitled to after we ask you to, for example after you’ve sustained an injury.

Learn more about plan suspensions.

What happens during a check-in?

During your plan, we’ll check-in with you to see how you’re going, and how your plan is working for you.

We may check-in with you:

  •  at regular intervals, for example each year
  • if we think your plan might not be working for you, for example if you’re using too much or too little of your supports.
  • if you would like help to use the supports in your plan.

We usually talk with you about:

  • how you’re going with your goals
  • if your plan and funding is working well for you
  • if your situation has changed.

After our check in, we may need to vary or create and approve a new plan for you. This might be because your plan is due for reassessment or because your plan doesn’t meet your needs.

Learn more about changing your plan.

If your plan is working well for you and your supports still meet the NDIS funding criteria, we could give you a new plan with the same supports.

Your new plan might also have less supports if there are some you no longer need. Or you might need a plan with more support.

We’ll make this decision based on your support needs, the principles we follow to create your plan and the NDIS funding criteria.

We’ll check each individual support is reasonable and necessary, as well as when considered as a package.

Learn more about check-ins in our Our Guildeline - Your Plan Guideline.

Can you change your plan?

Once it’s approved, your plan can be changed. We can also create a new plan if you need one. 

If you want to change the information about you and your goals, we can change your plan to include this.  This new plan will have the new statement about you and your goals. It’ll have the same supports. 

You can also request a change to your plan at any time. Please get in contact with your My NDIS Contact or support coordinator if you’d like to request one. We also have a form you can complete .

Learn more about changing your plan.

What if you don’t agree with your plan?

If you’re not happy with your plan, you should talk to your My NDIS Contact.

They may be able to explain the decision, clarify how you can use the funding, or help you fix any problems. 

It’s a good idea to do this soon after you get your plan.

We’ll give you written reasons on why we made the decision. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the reasons for our decision.

If you don’t agree with our decision to approve your plan, you can ask for an internal review. Your My NDIS Contact or support coordinator can help you ask for an internal review.

We also have a form you can complete .

Having an internal review means someone who wasn’t involved in creating your plan will review our decision to approve your plan. They’ll consider if we made the right decision under the laws for the NDIS.

An internal review is different to a change or plan reassessment after a check-in or when your situation changes .

Once you get your plan, you have 3 months to ask for an internal review. 

Learn more about reviewing our decisions.

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27 October 2023
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