What happens to a participant's home and vehicle modifications?

The person managing the estate will need to work with the provider to manage the participant’s home or vehicle modifications in line with the service agreement that is in place.

After the participant dies, you can usually still claim funding for home modifications or vehicle modifications if the modifications were purchased before the participant died. This is if the provider hasn’t been paid the final payment.

If the participant dies before approved home or vehicle modifications are finished, the provider should discuss options with the nominee or executor within the scope of the service agreement .

This may mean completing modifications to make the building or vehicle safe and suitable for more general use. But if the modifications continue, they shouldn’t include specific features required by the participant who died.

Remember, we can help you work out what to do about the participant’s plan after they die. You can reach out to a local area coordinator, early childhood partner or planner. You can also contact us .

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31 October 2022
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