We aim to complete all internal reviews within 60 days after you ask for one. This is 60 days from the day after we receive your request for an internal review. 

If this isn’t possible, we will contact you, or the person who asked for the internal review. We will explain why we need more time, and let you know when we’ll make a decision.

Find out more about our Participant Service Guarantee .

Where the original decision is reviewed automatically, the 60 days to make an internal review decision begins on the day after the timeframe to make the original decision ended.

For example, if you asked for a reassessment to your plan and we did not make a decision within 21 days, then we will be taken to have made a decision not to reassess your plan.

This decision will be automatically reviewed and we will need to make an internal review decision within 60 days, beginning on the day after the 21 days expired.

What if you need your internal review done sooner?

We can sometimes do urgent internal reviews sooner. We may do this if:

  • there’s a risk of harm to your health or wellbeing, or for someone you care for
  • you’re at risk of homelessness or have unstable accommodation
  • your care arrangements are at risk - for example, if your primary carer can’t care for you while we make our review decision
  • there’s a risk relating to your disability - for example, if your disability is rapidly changing or becoming more serious
  • you’re in hospital waiting for discharge
  • you’re waiting for urgent assistive technology, home modifications or supported independent living supports.

If you’re in one of the above situations, let us know when you ask for a review. We’ll contact you, or the person who asked for the internal review, within 48 hours to talk about your situation. We will then complete the internal review as soon as we reasonably can.

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30 June 2022
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