What happens after community connections?

Once you have met with your local area coordinator, you will have been given information and the tools to start to make connections in your community. If you have a community connections plan, you can put your plan into action however you choose. Your community connections plan is there to support you when you need to refer to your goals, the steps you want to take to work towards your goals, or where to find information to build your community connections.

While you are connecting with your community, you may decide you want to apply to the NDIS. Your local area coordinator can support you to gather the right information and evidence to help work out if the NDIS is right for you. You can learn more about being eligible for the NDIS in Applying to the NDIS.

You can reconnect with your local area coordinator once you have received your community connections plan. They will be available to support you with general enquiries, help you find information and help you find local programs and activities.

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27 October 2023
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