What do we mean by diabetes management supports?

Diabetes is a health condition that means your body can’t maintain healthy levels of glucose in your blood. You might be able to manage your diabetes through diet and exercise or you might need insulin injections or oral medications. Managing your diabetes is very important to prevent long term health problems.

If you have diabetes you should talk to your doctor first. They can link you to health services that are paid for through Medicare. You can continue to access health services from Medicare, even when you are an NDIS participant.

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Diabetes management supports are what we call disability-related health supports. We can only fund these supports if they directly relate to your disability and help you undertake activities involved in day-to-day life.

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Diabetes management supports might include:

  • training for your support workers in your specific disability support needs so they can support you to follow your Diabetes Care Plan
  • a support worker to help you manage your diabetes -for example, testing blood sugar levels or eating regular balanced meals
  • a nurse, if you have evidence you need a nurse to help you manage your diabetes.
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23 October 2023
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