Remember, you may not need funding for Short Term Accommodation put into your plan. You can choose to use your Core budget on supports like Short Term Accommodation if it helps you pursue your goals.

Learn more about using your Core funding .

If you’d like to learn more about Short Term Accommodation, ask your Support Coordinator, LAC, Early Childhood Partner or planner at your planning meeting.

If your circumstances change and you need Short Term Accommodation you can ask for a plan reassessment (review) if there isn’t enough funding in your plan. We can include additional funding in your plan to cover Short Term Accommodation if it’s reasonable and necessary.

Learn more about changing your plan .

Can you use Short Term Accommodation in a crisis situation?

Short Term Accommodation is not for housing crisis situations. Short Term Accommodation can only be funded where the need relates directly to your disability. For more information see: Is Short Term Accommodation related to your disability?

If you’re homeless or need somewhere to live you can contact homeless services in your state or territory. Look at Homelessness Australia for supports available.

Sometimes a crisis can occur such as your carers suddenly can’t care for you. Or, you’re at risk of harm in your current home. We can help you work out the best option to meet your disability support needs. Contact your Support Coordinator, LAC, Early Childhood Partner or planner for more information.

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26 May 2022
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