What if you’ve only just started thinking about work?

It might be that you want to work one day, but you’re not sure where to start. If you want to start thinking about how to get a job we might be able to help. We could fund capacity building supports to help you build your work skills if you need extra help with this because of your disability. These are available to all working age participants, from 14 years of age, including students at school.

For instance, this could help you:

  • work out what you would like to do
  • test your work skills through on the job work experience
  • build your skills in work tasks, like following directions
  • overcome any barriers you have experienced in finding and keeping a job
  • build your skills so you can be supported by a Disability Employment Service  , if eligible.

If it meets the NDIS funding criteria we’ll fund these supports in your Capacity Building – Employment budget.

To help work out the amount of funding and type of supports you need, we will talk to you about:

  • the type of tasks you’re good at and those you need the most help with
  • the things you enjoy doing, or things your friends and family say you’re good at
  • any work or volunteering experience you’ve done
  • how confident you feel doing things on your own and if you need help to follow instructions
  • how you look after your own money
  • if you need help to do things out in your community
  • if you can travel on your own, or need help with this
  • the things that you feel stop you from looking for work
  • other activities you might be doing that help build your skills, confidence and independence.

This will help us better understand how ready you are for work and how much help you might need to get ready for work. We’ll also think about who might be best to provide the support you need and whether you’re ready to explore working with a Disability Employment Service provider.


Tatiana is 27 years old and has never worked. She wants to work but isn’t sure about what sort of work might be right for her or how much she could work.

Tatiana and her local area coordinator decide that on the job experience to learn more about her skills and interests would be a good start. Tatiana sets a goal to find out more about her capacity to work. Her planner decides it’s reasonable and necessary to fund support to find work, as well as some community participation funds.

Tatiana works with her local area coordinator to get a service provider that will help her find employers who can offer work experience. This will help her develop her skills and confidence in a work setting.

Tatiana also uses some of her NDIS funding to join a club for people looking for work. The club meets regularly as a group. This helps her build her skills and confidence in meeting new people.

As Tatiana builds a clear picture of her work interests and capacity, she may then be able to explore her eligibility for a Disability Employment Service.

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24 October 2023
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