How do you get dysphagia supports in your plan?

Do you need to provide us with evidence?

Yes. Talk to your local area coordinator, support coordinator, early childhood partner or planner to work out what evidence we need to fund dysphagia supports.

We will ask for your mealtime management plan or other reports or assessments prepared by your speech pathologist, if you have them.

The plans or reports should explain how much support you need for your dysphagia. We’ll also ask you what dysphagia supports you currently get. We’ll want to know who you get the supports from, and how often you use them.

We’ll use this information to decide if dysphagia supports meet the NDIS funding criteria. If they do, we’ll work out the amount of disability-related dysphagia support to include in your plan.

Learn more in our Would we fund it guide – Home enteral Nutrition.

What if you don’t agree with our decision?

If we decide dysphagia supports don’t meet our NDIS funding criteria, we can’t include them in your plan.

We'll give you written reasons why we made the decision. You can contact us  if you'd like more detail about the reasons for our decision.

If you don't agree with a decision we make about dysphagia supports, you can ask for an internal review of our decision.  You’ll need to ask for an internal review within 3 months of getting your plan.  

Learn more about reviewing our decisions.

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28 June 2022
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