What help can you get to manage your epilepsy through the health system or other services?

Everyone who has epilepsy can get help to manage it through the health system, or other services whether or not they have a disability. Under the NDIS, we can’t fund a support if it’s more appropriately funded or provided by another service. If you can get support for your epilepsy through the health system or another service, we can’t fund it.

Government and community services must ensure all Australians, including people with disability, have access to their supports. We call these supports mainstream and community supports. The NDIS was set up to work alongside government and community services, not replace them.

Learn more about Mainstream and community supports.

What services do epilepsy support organisations provide?

The Epilepsy Foundation has information, education and training for anyone living with or caring for someone with epilepsy. Each state and territory also has an epilepsy support organisation. Most people will manage their epilepsy through the general health system and their local epilepsy support organisation.

The Epilepsy Foundation recommends you have an Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP). And if you’re prescribed emergency medication an Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP).

Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP)

An Epilepsy Management Plan is a lifestyle plan you create with your family or carers. You can share this plan with your school or employer, your service providers, and your sporting or social clubs. It can help other people understand and respond to your epilepsy support needs.

Your Epilepsy Management Plan is not a medical document, but your doctor must approve it. We might ask you to share your Epilepsy Management Plan with us, so we can understand your epilepsy support needs.

Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP)

If your seizures are hard to control you may be prescribed medication to take when you do have a seizure. If you’re prescribed medication you and your doctor should prepare an Emergency Medication Management Plan.

This plan describes:

  • the name of your medication
  • how much you take and how often
  • instructions about how you take it
  • any emergency procedures.

Learn more about Epilepsy Management Plans and Emergency Medication Management Plans at Epilepsy Foundation .

What supports can you get through Medicare?

Medicare helps all Australians with the costs of their healthcare. You can access Medicare to help pay for services to manage chronic health conditions, such as epilepsy. This includes funding for services to test for and diagnose epilepsy. You might be eligible for a Medicare funded Chronic Disease Management Plan .

Learn more about Medicare .

What about support through the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme?

The Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS) funds epilepsy medication. If you need medication to manage your epilepsy, your doctor will prescribe what you need.

Learn more about the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS) .

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16 April 2024
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