How do you get work and study supports in your plan?

You may have a goal to explore work or study or be supported to continue working or studying. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long term goal.

You can talk to your support coordinator, local area coordinator or planner about your goals in your plan.

We will need to understand your goals and how much support you need. We will also talk to you about what your school, university, training provider, employer or other mainstream services like Disability Employment Service can provide.

We look at any information we have about the kind of things you are good at and what supports you might need when we decide how much funding to include in your plan. This includes things like information from school reports or other assessments you have already provided to us.

We will also consider the things we already know about you, for example the help you need to participate in the community or look after yourself at home.

You might like to bring a letter from your place of work or study. Work experience reports, Centrelink Job Capacity Assessment or Employment Services Assessments can also be useful.

You could also bring the Let’s Talk About Work  booklet to your planning meeting.

If you work in an Australian Disability Enterprise read about recent changes to your funding . There is a spot where you or your employer can fill in information as well.

What happens once you have work and study supports in your plan?

Once your plan is approved, you can start using your supports at work or when studying. Talk to your support coordinator, local area coordinator or planner for advice on how to use your funding.

You will know if these types of supports are included in your plan by the comments made by your local area coordinator or planner next to the funding budget in your plan.

We want you to make the best use of your funding even if you change your work or study. For example, if you work in an Australian Disability Enterprise  , you could continue to use your supports in a different job, not just at the Australian Disability Enterprise.

If your needs change, you should talk to us. You might be able to use your plan flexibly  or you might need a change to your plan. 

Learn more about changing your plan

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29 June 2022
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