How can you use your home modifications funding?

What do you need to think about when choosing a provider?

You will choose the providers you use for your home modifications. You will need different providers for different stages of the process, including:

It’s important you set out your expectations and your provider’s responsibilities in a written agreement.

You should be confident your builder can do the work to the standards you expect. You may want to see other work they have done or speak to other customers who have used their services. Check they can deliver the work within the timeframes you need. If you’re not happy with something about a provider, think about using other providers. Your responsibilities are the same as if you were paying for the work with your own money.

All home modifications have to be done by a licensed tradesperson with the appropriate qualifications and insurance. You are responsible for checking your providers have the required credentials. If you have a building construction practitioner, they can help you check this.

We usually won’t specify a particular provider in your plan for your home modification. This gives you flexibility over who you choose to do the work.  But we may specify that the provider needs a particular qualification. 

Learn more about providers and their roles.

Do you need to use a registered NDIS provider?

The providers you can use depend on how your home modification funding is managed in your plan.

If your funding is Agency managed , the providers you use for your home modifications need to be NDIS registered. Registered NDIS providers need to follow the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission's rules for quality and safety.

If you self-manage or use a registered plan manager for your home modification budget you can use providers who are not NDIS registered. They’ll still need to have the appropriate qualifications for the work they are doing.

You should check your type of plan management so you know if your provider needs to be NDIS registered.

It’s also important you check how we describe the modification in your plan in case we include any extra requirements.

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27 September 2022
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