What information do we need to decide if we can fund an assistance animal?

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An assistance animal must meet our NDIS funding criteria.

You’ll need to give us the information explained in this section. All the information and evidence you need to give is listed in the assistance animal assessment template (DOCX 65KB) . You can either use this template or give it to us in a separate document.

We need this information and evidence even if you’ve had an assistance animal before.

Learn more about how you can give us the information and evidence we need.

Before we fund an assistance animal, we may ask for information we need to decide whether or not to approve the support. 

In order to meet our responsibilities under the law for the NDIS we may also tell you the type of provider who will provide you with an assistance animal, and the qualifications the provider must have. 

We need you to give us information that shows:

  • the assistance animal is fully trained and qualified. If it’s not yet, tell us when the animal is expected to be fully trained and qualified. This may include telling us when the animal is expected to meet the training milestones and timeframes in your service agreement
  • what your provider will do if an assistance animal doesn’t finish training or is no longer suitable for you
  • you have passed a suitability assessment
  • the assistance animal has been, or will be, provided and trained by an accredited assistance animal provider
  • the assistance animal has passed the public access test or you have an agreement with your service provider on when the animal must pass this test.

If the assistance animal hasn’t been fully trained, you’ll need to tell us which accredited assistance animal provider will train it.

You need to give us your quote and the information that’s in the assistance animal assessment template (DOCX 65KB) you and the provider will complete. We also strongly recommend that you have a service agreement that includes all this information.

Learn more about How do you get funding for an assistance animal in your plan.

You can read more about the information and evidence we need to look at funding an assistance animal, in our examples.

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13 December 2021
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