To get social and recreation support in your plan, you need to give us evidence that helps us understand the disability related supports you need. Talk to your My NDIS contact or support coordinator to work out what evidence we need. Learn more about the evidence we need before we create your plan.

You can give us any new information or evidence about your support needs when you get it or anytime we talk with you.

We will need to understand what support you need because of your disability and what barriers you face to participating in the social and recreation activity. We’ll look at any information we have about your support needs when we decide how much support to include in your plan. This may include reports from an allied health professional or psychologist which detail the support you need to take part in social and recreation activities.

Social and recreation support always needs to meet the NDIS funding criteria before we can include it in your plan. We’ll think about who is best to provide the social and recreation support and, if needed, help you find a service or organisation.

You should think about how you can use your supports flexibly. You may be able to use your supports for different social and recreation activities. You may already have social and recreation supports included in your Core budget. You can use this funding flexibly for the help you need, because of your disability, to participate in social and recreation activities.

You can talk to your support coordinator, local area coordinator, or your My NDIS contact about this at any time.

What happens once you have social and recreation support in your plan?

Once we’ve approved your plan, you can start using your supports for social and recreation activities. Talk to your support coordinator or My NDIS contact for more information.

We fund most social and recreation supports in your Core budget. If we fund assistive technology for your social and recreation supports, you’ll find this funding in your Capital budget. Learn more about using your budget .

If your needs change and you don’t have enough funding in your plan, you should talk to us. You might be able to use your Core budget flexibly or you might need a change to your plan. Learn more about changing your plan .

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23 October 2023
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