Should the home modification be funded or provided by another service?

Providers of social housing, residential facilities and public buildings are responsible for making reasonable adjustments to the property. They will ensure you can access the property safely, or provide a more suitable property. They also need to meet Liveable Housing Design features where possible.  Reasonable adjustments are the reasonable changes services need to make so properties are accessible for people with disability. This could include some minor modifications.

We don’t fund home modifications other government or community services are responsible for funding. 

Learn more about mainstream and community supports.

What if you live in community or public housing?

If you need modifications to your community or public housing, you should first contact your state or territory public housing authority. They are responsible for making reasonable adjustments.

For example, your public housing authority might install lever taps or grab rails. Or they might improve general access to your home with a simple access ramp.

If you live in public housing and you need highly specialised or high cost modifications, we might be able to fund them. To help us work out if the modifications are most appropriately funded by us,  first we consider if your public housing provider has another more suitable home available for you. Or if they can help you find another home with a different community housing authority.

If you live in community or public housing and want us to fund modifications, you are responsible for getting written agreement from the owner to modify your home.

If you live in a remote or very remote location and need modifications to your home because of your disability, our remote planners or remote community connectors can help you through this process.

What if you live in a group home, residential accommodation, or specialist disability accommodation?

The owners of group homes, residential facilities, or public housing buildings are generally responsible for modifying them so you can live there. We don’t fund home modifications to group homes, residential facilities, public buildings or boarding schools.  

We also don’t fund home modifications if you live in specialist disability accommodation. The specialist disability accommodation provider must provide an accessible dwelling built to specific design guidelines . If you use assistive technology, your occupational therapist will do an assessment to make sure the accommodation is suitable for your assistive technology.

Learn more about specialist disability accommodation.

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