Once funding is in your plan, your residential aged care facility will keep providing all the supports they usually provide.

Your support coordinator or family and friends can help you find and organise supports funded by the NDIS.

You will continue to pay the residential aged care fees and charges the NDIS does not fund. Read more about the residential aged care fees and charges we don’t fund.

How can you manage your NDIS funded supports?

There are different ways you can manage the funding in your plan.

We’ll discuss your options with you. For people living in residential aged care, we may make different arrangements on how you manage parts of your funding.

Learn more about ways to manage your funding .

What if you need to change your plan?

If your situation changes, you can request a change to your plan at any time. We will also check-in with you regularly to see how things are going for you.

Your current plan will also show your next plan reassessment date. When you reach this date, we will reassess your plan to make sure it's right for you.

At this time, we’ll ask you for updated copies of your residential aged care documents. This includes:

  • your Services Australia Residential Aged Care Advice letter
  • the last 6 months of residential aged care facility tax invoices.

We use this information to see if your fees have changed. This is important, so you can get the right amount of funding in your plan.

Learn more about plan changes and how they work.

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31 July 2023
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