We need to know an assistance animal will help you to pursue the goals in your plan. We’ll look at the disability specific barriers that stop you from pursuing your goals, and how an assistance animal could help your disability support needs.

For example, you might have a goal to travel in the community. We’ll look at all the ways you might be able to pursue that goal. Funding an assistance animal to help you could be one way. There may be other supports that also meet your needs and meet our NDIS funding criteria.

Learn more about setting goals.

There are some things to remember:

  • Even if you set more and bigger goals, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll fund more or bigger supports.
  • If you set a goal about a specific type or amount of support you want, for example, an assistance animal, it doesn’t mean we have an obligation to fund that support or in that amount.

Will an assistance animal help you with your social or work life?

We need to know how an assistance animal will help you to do things that let you take part more in social or work life. We look at what you do at the moment, and how an assistance animal could help you do these things more easily.

We’ll also look at the things you might not be able to do at the moment and the things you hope to do in the future. For example, an assistance animal might help you to get or keep a job, or to meet up with friends by yourself.

This means we’ll ask you:

  • what social or work activities you do
  • anything that’s stopping you from doing more in your social or work life
  • the tasks the assistance animal will be specifically trained to do to help you.
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13 December 2021
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