How can you get home modifications in your plan?

If you need home modifications you should talk with your planner, local area coordinator or early childhood partner. The kind of evidence you need to give us to help us decide if we can fund your home modification depends if it’s minor or complex.

We need to review your home and living needs before we can fund home modifications. You shouldn’t spend any money on home modification supports before they are funded in your plan if you want us to fund them. In some situations, other home and living supports or assistive technology may be more appropriate for you.

If your needs have changed during your plan and you think you need home modifications, you can talk to us about changing your plan. Learn more about changing your plan.

Our Participant Service Guarantee outlines the timeframes for us to make decisions and change your plan.

Who needs to approve your home modifications?

Before we can consider funding home modifications in your plan, you need to give us written approval from the homeowner or relevant bodies. You should give this to us with your home modifications assessment.

We need written permission from the legal owner of the property or their representative for modifications to be done. They need to authorise the specific modifications recommended for you.

If you are renting, we need to know if your landlord will need the home modifications removed at the end of your lease.

If you have a mortgage, you should check with your mortgage provider if they need to approve the modification.

If you live in a building with shared ownership, such as an apartment complex or a residential community, you’ll need permission from the body responsible, such as the:

  • body corporate
  • owners corporation
  • neighbourhood association
  • community association
  • precinct association.

The name of the body responsible will depend on your state or territory. We need this permission, as well as the owner’s permission, before we can fund your home modification.

You are responsible for getting these approvals and permissions for your home modifications.

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27 September 2022
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