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Your vehicle modifications must be value for money.

This means the modifications must be a good use of money in terms of:

  • the benefits you will get from them
  • the cost compared to other supports that would achieve the same outcome.

We’ll need to know it’ll be cost effective to modify your vehicle. We’ll also need to know it will be value for money to do so.

To work this out, we’ll look at:

  • whether the vehicle is suitable to be modified
  • the age of the vehicle
  • whether the vehicle is under warranty
  • the cost of the modifications
  • how often you’ll use the vehicle
  • how long the modified vehicle is likely to last
  • whether the modifications could be removed and installed in another vehicle if you need to replace your vehicle 
  • whether the vehicle will need a unique engineering solution
  • whether the modifications are the best way to meet your long term transport or driving needs
  • whether your transport needs could be met in a less costly way using other supports – for example, we might compare the cost of the modifications to the cost of providing you with funding to use on transport services, such as taxis
  • whether your needs will change over time, and the use you’ll get out of the proposed modifications
  • for children who need vehicle modifications, whether the changes will still work for them as they get older
  • if you’re the driver, whether the modification helps you to better manage accessing the community by yourself
  • if you have a progressive condition, whether the changes will still work for you in the future as your needs change.

You need to get advice from a suitably qualified assessor about any modifications.

Sometimes you’ll also need an engineering certificate or authorisation report from a licensed vehicle modifier or certifier.

This will need to tell us about:

  • the condition of your vehicle
  • how suitable your vehicle is to have changes made to it.

How old is your vehicle and is it under warranty?

We’ll look at the age, type, and warranty of your vehicle.

Vehicles up to 5 years old, or older if it’s still under manufacturer’s warranty, are generally suitable to have changes made to them. We may ask you to give us a copy of the warranty details to confirm this.

Most vehicles suitable for modifications have manufacturer warranties for at least 5 years and cover unlimited kilometres.

But you should check what warranty applies to your vehicle.

It might be based on kilometres instead or be less than 5 years, particularly if you buy it second hand and it hasn’t been properly maintained.

For vehicles older than this and no longer under warranty, you’ll need to organise a vehicle condition report.

The vehicle condition report will need to tell us:

  • your vehicle is legal and safe to be on the road
  • any parts of the vehicle with signs of wear and tear which are likely to need replacing in the medium to short term
  • what the next major service will likely include and the estimated cost if all recommended parts are replaced.

You can get a vehicle condition report from your state or territory motoring organisation.

We’ll fund the cost of this in the core – consumables section of your plan.

To arrange a vehicle condition report, contact your state or territory motoring organisation:

  • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory - NRMA 
  • Victoria - RACV
  • Queensland - RACQ 
  • South Australia - RAA
  • Western Australia - RAC
  • Tasmania - RACT
  • Northern Territory - AANT

Generally, vehicles older than 10 years aren’t likely to be value for money for any significant modification.

You may be able to remove the modifications from an older vehicle and use them in another vehicle.

For example, a swing out seat, hand control or wheelchair hoist can often be moved.

You may want to have a modification moved to another vehicle. If it’s been less than 5 years since we funded the modification, you would have to pay for it to be re-installed.

Modifications usually last 8-10 years.

We keep this in mind when we think about:

  • the overall condition of your vehicle
  • whether the modifications would be value for money.

We’ll usually reconsider replacement vehicle modifications every 8 years. We might consider them earlier if there’s been major changes to your needs.

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19 April 2023
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