Deciding reasonable and necessary - does someone else provide the support?

Is the work or study support funded or provided by someone else?

We might not be able to fund all the supports you need for work or study. Some supports you need for your disability might not be our responsibility to fund and may be better funded or provided through:

Under the law, the place you work or study is responsible for providing you with a safe place to work or study. They should make changes to remove any barriers that stop you from being able to work or study at that place.

This is to help you to take part in education, or do your work, on the same basis as someone without a disability. These responsibilities are called ‘reasonable adjustments’.

Reasonable adjustments include support and changes that will help you:

  • do your work tasks safely
  • have the same opportunity to get a job, develop in your job and get promoted
  • be treated fairly at work
  • do your job as well as you can.

The Australian Human Rights Commission  has more information.

We can’t fund supports that should be provided by your employer, school, university or training provider under reasonable adjustment.

We can help you work out where to get the help you need. Talk to your my NDIS Contact or support coordinator for more information.

Do we expect friends, family or the community to provide this support?

We think about whether we would usually expect family, friends or others in the community to provide the kind of supports you need. 

This includes thinking about the different supports that would usually be provided by family and friends at different ages. For example, we might expect a parent to help a small child get settled at the start of the school day but this would not usually be the case for an older child at high school, or an adult at TAFE or university.

We generally expect families to provide their primary or secondary school aged children general help with homework or getting to and from school.  

This is the same for all children, even if they don’t have a disability.

We don’t expect family or friends to provide personal care in the workplace or at school, because this isn’t something people would usually do. 

More information about personal care in the workplace is available here What work supports do we fund?

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24 October 2023
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