How do we decide if work and study supports are reasonable and necessary for you?

All NDIS supports must meet the NDIS funding criteria. We fund reasonable and necessary work and study supports for your disability needs.

Ask yourself the questions below. They can help you think about whether we can consider funding work or study supports for you.

Is the work or study support:

Is the work or study support related to your disability?

We can fund the extra work and study supports you need for your disability. We don’t fund work or study support that isn’t related to your disability. 

You may need extra help to learn about work, help to work out what you’re good at, or what sort or work or study suits you. If the type of help you need because of your disability is not available through DES or mainstream services, we may be able to help.

If you’re working, your workplace should provide supervision and support to help you understand your role. This is the same for everyone at work. But sometimes you might need extra support because of your disability. This might be things like helping you to stay on track with work tasks or helping you work as part of a team.

We may be able to fund this extra help at work if you need it because of your disability and you can’t get it from a Disability Employment Service.

When you’re studying, you need to pay for your school or university fees like everyone else. We fund the extra support you need because of your disability. For example, we might fund things like personal care while you are at university if you need it because of your disability. 

Does the work or study support help you pursue your goals?

We need to check if your work and study supports will help you pursue your goals.  For us to fund work or study supports you need to have a goal in your plan that relates to those things. For example, you might have a goal to get a job, do some work experience, or go to university.

Learn more about setting goals .

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24 October 2023
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