We can only fund work and study support that is not better funded or provided through another program or service. We call these other supports ‘mainstream services’ because they are available to other Australians, and are not just for people with a disability.

There are lots of mainstream services available to help you with work and study. So when we talk about the supports we can fund, we are only talking about the extra support you need because of your disability that is not provided by mainstream services.

For study, most people get the help they need through their school, university or TAFE. Talk to them if you need support to study, or even if you need help to work out what you want to study.


Anton has just finished school and is excited to start studying at university. Anton isn’t familiar with the university or what it’s like to be a university student. He has been talking with his local area coordinator about what supports he may need. Anton thinks he’ll need to be able to go over the information in lectures more than once and extra time to do exams.

Anton’s local area coordinator helps him link in with the university’s program for students with a disability. This program can help with recordings of lectures and extra time to complete exams. Anton doesn’t need extra support through the NDIS right now, but he knows he can always talk to his local area coordinator if he needs more help in future.

More information about Finding, keeping and changing jobs .

You should also look at what services are available through Disability Employment Services (DES)  and JobAccess . We can fund support to help you get ready for a Disability Employment Service, or look at other supports if you need more than a Disability Employment Service can provide.

You can also read more about the different organisations who provide work and study support.

Work or study supports we can fund

Work or study supports we can fund if you need extra support because of your disability:

  • help to build your basic work skills
  • supports to help you move from school to further study, training or work
  • supports not available through DES to find and keep a job
  • training for your teachers or work mates about your individual disability support needs
  • personal care during work or study
  • travel to and from work and study in some situations (see transport guidance ).

What we don't usually fund

We don't usually fund:

  • changes to buildings where you work or study, like ramps, hoists and lifts
  • general equipment for work or study. For example, textbooks, computers or office equipment
  • anything related to teaching and learning. For example, staffing, supervision, learning support, tutoring, equipment, resources or fees
  • cost of phone calls, photocopying, stationery, meals for training or work
  • equipment that an employer should provide to meet their legal and business needs, for example safety equipment
  • equipment and general costs to start your own business
  • general training for all employees
  • supports provided by DES providers, when you are eligible for DES.

Some of the things we don’t fund might be available through DES or JobAccess

You can always contact us  about questions you might have about work or study.

You can also speak to your NDIS Contact or support coordinator.

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24 October 2023
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