We need to confirm specialist disability accommodation combined with your other supports will lead to better outcomes. For example, we look at whether it will:

  • improve, maintain or prevent your functional capacity from getting worse
  • reduce your future support needs
  • create better connections with your family, community, health services, education, and employment.

We need to make sure all supports we fund also meet the NDIS funding criteria. This includes things such as making sure the support helps you pursue your goals and is value for money.

When we assess the NDIS funding criteria for specialist disability accommodation we also have to look at how it compares to other options. We need to make sure that specialist disability accommodation in combination with your other supports is better than other options on their own. We describe the details for meeting these criteria for specialist disability accommodation in the NDIS funding criteria section of this guideline.

Depending on your needs, other kinds of supports could be a better option for you. This might mean you can keep living in your current home.

How does specialist disability accommodation work with your other disability related supports?

We look at all the information we have, when we decide what other supports you need. We fund these supports in other parts of your plan.

For example, you may share some of your supports with other participants. This might affect what kind of specialist disability accommodation is most appropriate for you, for example how many bedrooms are in the home.

Or there may be other types of supports that suit you, like personal care supports or individualised living options. We need to know how these supports would work in specialist disability accommodation.

You might need person-to-person support immediately available in your home. Or there may be times you can be alone safely, so you may be able to have support close by, and available when you need it.

We also need to know how any equipment like assistive technology could support you in specialist disability accommodation.

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2 June 2022
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