How do we decide if we can fund an individualised living option and how much support you need?

All NDIS funded supports must meet the NDIS funding criteria.

If you have a goal to explore home and living options, we’ll start by getting some information from you. Once we understand your support needs we can discuss the home and living supports that best meet your needs.

Sometimes you’ll need to complete the supporting evidence form – home and living to give us this information. You’re encouraged to use the supporting evidence form if you’re looking to explore NDIS home and living support for the first time. Learn about when you need to complete this form and what else you need to submit .

If your home and living goal includes exploring an individualised living option, we’ll use the information you give us to consider if individualised living option support is right for you.

If Stage 1: Exploration and Design supports meet the NDIS funding criteria we’ll decide on the amount for your Exploration and Design supports. 

The next section provides more information about the things we need to consider. Find out more about how we fund individualised living options.

When we add stage 1 funding to your plan, we’ll let you know an estimate for your stage 2 funding amount. This lets you and your provider design a service proposal to match the funding you may receive.

Before we add funding in your plan for either stage, we’ll make sure supports meet the NDIS funding criteria.

You won’t need to complete another supporting evidence form – home and living for us to decide if we’ll approve your Stage 2 funding. We’ll use the service proposal you develop during Stage 1, and the information you’ve already provided, to make a decision.

We need to have a good understanding of your support needs, so we’ll let you know if we need more information to make a decision.

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