How can providers enrol dwellings as specialist disability accommodation?

When someone builds a specialist disability accommodation property, they need to enrol it with us before it can be used as specialist disability accommodation.

How do providers enrol dwellings?

Providers must enrol dwellings online through the my NDIS provider portal . The specialist disability accommodation Design Standard is mandatory for all new specialist disability accommodation dwellings, unless providers have an exemption.

Before we can enrol newly built specialist disability accommodation, providers must give us certain information. 

Providers must also give us a certificate of compliance. This must be signed by an accredited specialist disability accommodation Assessor who is not an employee, associate or contracted by the provider. Providers will also need to give us any other document it’s reasonable for us to ask for. 

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When can a provider get design stage certification?

All providers must certify their specialist disability accommodation projects at the final as-built stage.

Providers may also certify their specialist disability accommodation projects at the design stage.

Accredited specialist disability accommodation assessors can certify that the dwelling meets the criteria of the Design Standard. This allows us to process final dwelling enrolment applications faster. It also means it’s less likely we’ll need to ask for more information before we process an application.

Providers can start the dwelling enrolment at this stage through the my NDIS provider portal . They don’t need to submit anything else until the dwelling is complete and ready to be enrolled.

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How do we verify the information that providers give us about an enrolled dwelling?

During the life of an enrolled dwelling we may ask a provider to arrange for another person to certify that the dwelling still meets the same conditions as when it was originally enrolled. We’ll tell providers what qualifications the other person must have, and how independent they need to be from the provider. 

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11 November 2021
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