Deciding reasonable and necessary - is the support beneficial?

Is the work or study support effective and beneficial for you?

We need to check the work and study supports we fund will be effective and beneficial for you. We look at whether the support will help with your disability support needs. We also look at how effective the supports have been for other people with similar needs as you.

If you are looking to study, develop your work skills, get a job, or change jobs we think about if the supports we fund are likely to help you pursue your goals.

We know building your work and study skills can take time. We think about what supports will help you to build your skills over time and what funding can help with this.

Most people will get some benefit from trying study so we think about what supports are likely to help you with this. We will talk with you to understand what you will get out of it and how the support we fund will help you. We will also consider what benefits people usually get from this kind of support. We usually don’t fund supports for study if:

  • you are not likely to get some benefit or outcome from the support
  • it’s not likely you will eventually pass the course. We do understand that some people take extra time to pass their course and that is ok. We just need to make sure the support we fund is likely to be of benefit to you
  • you withdraw from the course or are expelled due to misconduct.

If the supports you need for study are aimed at helping you to get a job, we need to check that they:

  • are for training provided by a qualified provider
  • are likely to help you get the job you want
  • mean it’s more likely you will successfully finish the course
  • will lead to a reasonable chance you will be able to get paid or volunteer work once you finish the course. 

The work or study support we fund has to be legal and safe for you and other people. We will consider if there are any risks to you or others in using the supports we fund.

Is the support for work or study value for money?

Your work or study supports must be value for money, compared to other supports. It is important to consider:

  • if there are supports that might achieve the same outcome that are less costly 
  • if your work and study supports will help you in the long term 
  • if your work and study supports could help you become more independent, or reduce your support needs in future. 
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16 November 2020
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