What do we mean when we talk about younger people in residential aged care?

What do we mean when we talk about younger people in residential aged care?

When we talk about younger people in residential aged care, we mean someone under the age of 65 who lives permanently in a residential aged care facility.

We’re committed to making sure younger people have a choice where they live. You may choose to live in an environment better suited to your interests and needs.

If you’re a younger person in residential aged care, and live with a permanent disability, you might be eligible to access the NDIS. We may be able to fund and support you to find different accommodation. We may also be able to pay some of your residential aged care fees, as well as other disability-related supports and services.

If you’re a NDIS participant and move permanently into residential aged care:

  • before you turned 65, you can choose to remain a participant and continue to receive our support after you turn 65
  • after you turn 65, you will no longer receive support from us. This is because the aged care system will fund your support needs .

Ability First Australia (AFA) system coordinators can help you test your eligibility for the NDIS (where appropriate). If you’re not eligible for the NDIS, they can help you explore other care and housing AFA options.

The AFA system coordinators program will help you explore your options if you are:

  • a younger person under 65
  • not a NDIS participant
  • either residing in or considering moving into, residential aged care.

We acknowledge aged care is not a suitable place for a younger person to live, unless you have exceptional circumstances.

Learn more about exceptional circumstances and the AFA system coordinators program at the Principles and guidelines for a younger person’s access to Commonwealth funded aged care services on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

How can we support you to move out of residential aged care?

If you are a NDIS participant under the age of 65, you don’t have to stay living in residential aged care. We can provide funding in your NDIS plan to help you move out. We are committed to making sure younger people don’t have to remain living in residential aged care facilities.

If you want to explore other housing options and move out of residential aged care, talk to your family and friends, support coordinator or your my NDIS contact. You can ask for a change to your plan to add your home and living goals. We can support you to explore other home and living options.

If you want to try a different living arrangement for a short period of time, you’ll need to talk to your residential aged care facility about short-term leave. For more information about short-term leave from residential aged care, check out the Department of Health and Aged care website .

Once you decide you’d like to move out of residential aged care we’ll talk about the supports you need to work towards your goal. For example:

  • funding for a support coordinator to look at other housing options for you
  • capacity building funding to help you build your skills and confidence to move out
  • core – consumables and supports to help you with everyday activities, like taking part in activities in the community. This also includes supports for a trial in a potential housing option.

To learn more about other home and living supports that may be suitable for you, have a look at:

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