What can we fund if you’re in university or other training?

We can consider funding the extra supports you need at university, TAFE, during an apprenticeship or other training because of your disability. The supports should allow you to go about your daily activities.

This might include:

  • personal care supports while you’re at university or TAFE or undertaking approved placements
  • transport to and from university or TAFE, if you can’t drive or use public transport
  • training for university, TAFE or employers (during placements) about your support needs
  • support to take part in specific projects run by the university for people with disabilities.

We don’t fund supports your university or TAFE need to provide as a ‘reasonable adjustment’, or anything as part of usual teaching.  We also don’t fund things everyone has to pay for themselves.

This means we don’t fund:

  • changes to the buildings to make sure you can access it, like ramps
  • changes to your learning materials to make sure it suits your needs
  • textbooks or general equipment you need for your education or training
  • course fees.

You should talk to your my NDIS Contact or support coordinator about help available in your local area. There are lots of different support programs available and many universities have mentors and other help to support students with disability.

This page current as of
24 October 2023
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