When will we decide to enrol a dwelling?

We usually process dwelling enrolment applications within 28 days of receiving a complete and correct application. This is as long as providers have included all the information and documents we need.

We aren’t responsible for delays due to incorrect or incomplete applications.

If an application takes longer than 28 days to process because it’s very complex, or for other reasons, we’ll notify the provider.

When won’t we enrol a dwelling?

We won’t enrol a dwelling if the provider doesn’t meet the requirements for enrolment. 

We might not enrol a dwelling if it doesn’t meet the specialist disability accommodation Design Standard, minimum requirements, density restrictions, or other parts of the specialist disability accommodation Rules . If the dwelling is legacy stock and construction was completed between 1 December 2016 and 31 December 2018, we won’t enrol the dwelling unless we are satisfied that:

  • there is a large financial cost to the provider if the dwelling is not enrolled
  • there is not enough alternative specialist disability accommodation in the same area as the dwelling. 

When we don’t have enough information to enrol a dwelling, we’ll notify the provider. We won’t review the application until we get more information. If there are major changes we may ask the provider to withdraw their original application and submit a new one.

If an application is incorrect or incomplete, and a provider doesn’t get back to us in a reasonable timeframe, we’ll treat this as if the provider withdrew the enrolment application. A provider can make a new application to enrol at any time.

If we decide not to enrol a dwelling, we’ll let the provider know.

Can we cancel the enrolment of a dwelling?

We may cancel a provider’s enrolment if we become aware of any breach of the conditions of enrolment.  This includes if:

  • the dwelling isn’t in good condition or appropriately maintained
  • the provider submits false or misleading information in the dwelling enrolment application
  • the provider refuses a reasonable request for information
  • the provider doesn’t get someone to certify any part of the enrolment application is still accurate, after we ask them to
  • the provider gives false certification of any part of the application.

We may also cancel a provider’s enrolment if they don’t tell us about any changes to enrolled dwellings within 5 business days. This may include when a provider doesn’t tell us that: 

  • there’s a change, or there will likely be a change, in the specialist disability accommodation design category or specialist disability accommodation building type
  • the dwelling is no longer suitable to be used for specialist disability accommodation
  • the provider intends to cancel the dwelling’s enrolment
  • a participant says they are going to leave the specialist disability accommodation home
  • a participant has been given notice to leave the specialist disability accommodation home
  • there is a vacancy in the specialist disability accommodation home
  • the provider wants to charge a participant rent above the maximum amount, without evidence from a qualified property valuer that the rent is fair and reasonable.

We will give the specialist disability accommodation provider written notice before we cancel an enrolment. In the written notice, we ask the specialist disability accommodation provider to show they meet all conditions of enrolment. We give the provider at least 14 days to get back to us before we cancel the enrolment. 

What if providers don’t agree with a decision we make?

If we decide not to enrol a dwelling, the provider can ask for a review.  They can also ask for a review if we decide to cancel a dwelling enrolment. 

If a provider requests a review of these decisions, we’ll follow the same process as other reviewable decisions. Learn more in our reviewing our decisions guideline.

How much will we fund for a specialist disability accommodation dwelling?

The maximum per participant amounts that providers can receive from NDIS funding for specialist disability accommodation are set out in the specialist disability accommodation Pricing Arrangements . Providers will receive the lower amount of:

  • the maximum per participant amount the dwelling is enrolled for
  • the specialist disability accommodation funding amount in the participant’s plan.
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10 November 2021
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