What residential aged care fees and charges do we fund?

We have an agreement with The Department of Health and Aged Care to pay some fees and charges for younger people in residential aged care. You will still need to pay some accommodation costs, living expenses, and care fees that we can’t fund.

The types of fees we may fund in your plan include:

  • funding to reimburse the aged care system for support they provide to you. This may include some supplements and the basic care subsidy. This appears in your plan as “Cross-billing Payments For Residential Aged Care Subsidies And Supplements”. We will pay this automatically. You don’t need to do anything with this item.
  • other care and accommodation costs you’re asked to pay from your own money. When we agree to fund these costs, we’ll reimburse you for these. You or your plan manager must manage this funding. Learn more about how you can manage your funded supports.

Learn more about who is responsible for funding aged care fees and charges.

If you need help to understand what fees we can fund in your situation, please talk to your my NDIS contact or support coordinator.

What residential aged care fees and charges don’t we fund?

There are some aged care fees we can’t fund, like refundable accommodation deposits. We also don’t fund the Basic Daily Care Fee, which covers things like meals, cleaning, and heating. If you choose to get extra services from your provider, we won’t fund these in your plan.

Residential aged care may offer a range of extra services. This could be things like larger rooms, or personal services like hairdressing. You may choose to pay for these services yourself. We can only fund supports that meet the NDIS funding criteria.

Learn more about residential aged care fees from the Department of Health and Aged Care.

What information do you need to give us before we approve your plan?

Before we approve your plan, we’ll need some information from you to help us work out what residential aged care fees and charges we can fund. This may include:

  • a Services Australia Residential Aged Care Advice letter
  • residential aged care facility tax invoices for the last six months
  • your personal nursing/care plan
  • your Residential/Accommodation Agreement.

If you aren’t sure if you have all these, don’t worry. We can help you through this process when you meet with us.

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31 July 2023
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