When you’re feeling confident to start looking for a job, we might be able to fund:

  • extra support to help you find work
  • individual or group based on the job support once you have a job.

For some people a Disability Employment Service might be able to help. Disability Employment Services are free and can help you find and keep a job that suits your needs.

Disability Employment Services can help you learn skills you need for work.

If you have been getting help to prepare for work with an NDIS provider, they might be able to help you find a Disability Employment Service in your area. Your local area coordinator might also be able to help.

There are a few rules about being eligible for a Disability Employment Service, but the main one is you need to be able to work at least eight hours per week within the next 2 years.

That gives you time to learn about work and build up your skills over time, so you don’t have to be ready to start work to get help from a Disability Employment Service.

If you think you’ll need longer to get ready for work, or need more help than a Disability Employment Service can provide, we might be able to help.

Talk to your support coordinator, planner or local area coordinator to get more information.

This page current as of
30 June 2022
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