We need to know the vehicle modifications will be effective and beneficial for you.

This means the modifications will do what you need them to do.

They’ll help you use the vehicle where you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

We may fund a suitably qualified assessor to talk to you about your transport needs.

They’ll explore and try different options with you, for example:

  • how you’ll get in and out of the vehicle
  • how you’ll get any mobility equipment in the vehicle
  • what help you may need getting mobility equipment out of the vehicle.

For more information about getting a vehicle modification and driving supports assessment, check out How do you get vehicle modifications and driving supports in your plan and Funding to explore vehicle modification supports.

You’ll need a driver trained occupational therapist if the modifications are specific to how you’ll drive the vehicle.

They’ll work with you and assess your needs, including all the things you need to get your driver’s licence.

A driver trained occupational therapist has extra qualifications to assess the task of driving, by looking at how you use your vision, body and thinking to drive.

You may have had had modifications in the past but your driving ability has now changed. If so, the driver trained occupational therapist will also need to check whether your modifications need to be changed.

We’ll look at whether the vehicle modifications you want have worked for other people with needs like yours, or if you need a unique solution.

We’ll also ask you about your experience. For example, you might have used a modified vehicle before.

If you have, you can tell us how this worked for you. If you haven’t had a chance to try out a modified vehicle, that’s okay.

We might help you do this. It’s important to know if the changes are likely to work for you.

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19 April 2023
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